8th UEFA Medical Symposium The importance of medicine in football 8th UEFA Medical Symposium, Frankfurt, 31 January–2 February 2023

Every four years, UEFA, through its Medical Committee, organises a medical symposium for the national team doctors of all UEFA member associations as well as the doctors of the top European clubs that participate in the UEFA elite club injury study. UEFA is delighted to welcome the participants, speakers, medical committee members to the symposium and wishes everyone an interesting conference.
The theme of the 2023 symposium is ‘The importance of medicine in football’, focusing on the significant evolution of football medicine in the last few years and its crucial role in the modern game. Each session presented at this symposium has been carefully picked by the medical committee and the UEFA medical administration to portray the important role that medicine plays in football and how it can benefit the overall team performance.
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‘Sport shapes the house’ was the motto of the architectural design for the new home of German football. This motto has now become reality: football and administration have grown together under one roof in the new campus. In the new building, staff collaborate on the central topics of the number one sport in Germany. The purpose is two-fold: creating the best conditions for the base, and developing talent for success at the top.
Organising Committee
Zoran Bahtijarević ­­­– UEFA chief medical officer
Niki Papadimitriou – UEFA medical manager
Luka Aleksić – UEFA medical assistant
Loïc Noirat – UEFA medical and anti-doping assistant
Thomas Hauser – DFB head of medicine & science
Fiona Pförtke – DFB-Academy senior project manager
Gabriel Monthuley – DFB intern medical-centre
UEFA Medical Committee
Tim Friedrich Meyer (Germany), Chairman
Charlotte Cowie (England), Deputy chair
Helena Herrero (Spain), 1st vice-chairwoman
John MacLean (Scotland), 2nd vice-chairman
Zoran Bahtijarević (Croatia), 3rd vice-chairman
Bisser Bochev (Bulgaria)
Juan Carlos Miralles (Andorra)
Magnus Forssblad (Spain)
Mete Düren (Türkiye)
Andrea Ferretti (Italy)
Georgios Godolias (Greece)
Elke Van Den Steen (Belgium)
Simone Grana (San Marino)
Emmanuel Orhant (France)
Zsolt Szelid (Hungary)
Eduard Bezuglov (Russia)
Marko Noć (Slovenia)
Petros Agathangelou (Cyprus)
Scientific Committee
Tim Friedrich Meyer – Prof. Dr. me d.
Charlotte Cowie – Chief medical officer, English FA
Zsolt Szelid – Cardiologist and sport medicine specialist
John MacLean – Director and CIO, Hampden sports clinic
Marko Noć – Professor of medicine, University of Ljubljana
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